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Choosing the Locksmith hint and tips

Choosing the emergency locksmith can be a challenge. Everyone has his own criteria to choose a one. Most people are looking for the time and the best price - which is normal.

Let's see some different points of view from the competition and see what is important in this job.


By choosing the locksmith you give a full access to your car immobilizer data. This is not the same service like changing the brake pads or the oil. Please think about it.


Tips from our points of view:

- Please look at the website. If there are not too many webpages or these texts everywhere: "Get the free quote or give us a call" it may be simple cheap another new website from someone who cant invest a lot at the moment.

- If the price is much lower than others quoted you already then maybe this person has some difficulties to find the job. This job required professional equipment with very expensive hardware and software, buying constant licences and updates. What the point do it with no benefit?

- Good price probably will give you cheap no quality china key. Can you claim the warranty after 2 years once your key will stop working? 

- Look for companies that have more than 30 reviews on google. On the google map you can write reviews yourself as many as you want because google supports fake reviews (they do not verify at all). Having a plenty reviews may help you to find trustable company. 

- You can see someone who comes to your location on the old Ford Transit or just the ordinary car. Is it worth to share the immo data of your Land Rover to such as a company?

- Please find out if the locksmith is able to fix the issue when something went wrong and the car is bricked after key programming. ( It happens sometimes to everyone!) If the locksmith won't be able to assist you then you may need to call another locksmith or main dealer -  for different costs of course. 

- There are plenty of locksmith companies in London. Most of them are single people who come from different countries and some of them will disappear. Do you want to share your new BMW data with someone who just about to leave the UK and maybe never intended to come back here?

- Please demand a proof at the end of how many keys are registered to the car and whether the lost key is really removed or blocked from the system. The professional software is able to print out this important data or at least show the screen displaying the current VIN number with the keys situation. Some insurance companies is able to check this info after the car was stolen/recovered.

- After the key has been programmed to your car, the software of the immo system must be restored or updated to the latest available version otherwise cars became vulnerable not having security.

Basically, it means that is much easier for anyone to make the key via OBD plug on your car. The most affected cars are Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, and Mercedes. Your car will be in full functionality and you never notice anything.

Many locksmiths don't restore security for a few reasons:

*equipment does not have this function

*lack of knowledge

*lack of time as the job is done already.

As proof please read the conversation of the UK Locksmith forum. One locksmith after the key replacement on the Land Rover could not start the car anymore.

Other mates are trying to help him are revealing a lack of professionalism and ignorance for their customer's leaving car unsecured after the job is completed.

Please see this real screen of this conversation and the number of people who agree and like this post...very, very sad. Now you know what to do if you know anyone with this nickname :)

For special requests, we can share original source of this conversation.

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