Aftermarket or Genuine E Series Remote Key     BM02


3 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Boot

Comes with BMW logo 

Transponder: ID46 – PCF7945

Frequency: 868Mhz - CAS3

Key Blade: Included

This key comes complete with a transponder chip (ID46 – PCF7945)

Suitable for the following models:


BMW Supported for Key Programming


BMW 1 Series

BMW 3 Series

BMW 5 Series

BMW 6 Series



Remote control Functions Supported

Buttons on Remote:

  • Alarm

  • Lock

  • Unlock

  • Boot


Key Blade Type:

  • HU92


KeyLess Supported:

  • Yes


Remote Frequency:

  • 868 Mhz


Supported Immo Systems


Key Programming Methods Supported:

  • Diagnostically via OBD


Type of CAS System:

  • CAS3


Bmw E series key fob

Key Options
Key situation
Car Access Situation
  • All products comes with 1 or 2 years of manufacture warranty. The price appers for full service: supply, programme, cut and the mobile service once possible. For more details please conntact directly via email or mobile phone or book an appointment  for Bmw Keys 

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