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Security tips

Hints and security tips  .....editing in progress...

There are plenty of  cars was stolen from the driveway or the car park. I try to give you some tips which my help you to avoid it one day. 

There are many victims ( I was twice in the past with Audi and BMW) in our area and there are many easy things we can do to stop the burglary.

The most popular and easy way to steal the car is, to transmit the key signal straight to the car. Car simply thinking there is the key around so give them the green light to disarm alarm and the start authorization. Please note this is only related for cars with comfort function which is called: convenience opening, keyless entry, passive entry or hands free system. Cars with normal remote system are not affected. Simply remember to use Faraday poach every day.

For example, the JLR family cars are very popular in the area and there is many thieves  who not using signal transmitter. This way affected not only keyless cars.

If you open our proper locked car – without using ori remote – from this point there will be very loud noise which only working key can calm down. Another issue, when alarm is activated there is impossible to communicate to the car via OBD port so the car became useless for anyone who trying to make keys.

Let me tell you what the solution for that is. Sometimes you are being watched by unwanted people who has nice expensive device which can copy car remote or disturb the signal so car wont be locked at all and you even don’t know it. The disarmed car that the thing they are waiting for. They can make a key emulator to start the car in few seconds. Also no one going to notice Also no one is going to notice anything unusual on the path.

I help some companies who dealing with JLR stolen-recovered. Let me tell you from my experience some easy tips which can help you to protect the car.

Protect your OBD port. This is the main door to make car key. If is protected or hidden you can ruin someone night plans.

Keep your car keys nice protected at home or handbag. Still many incidents are after the house burglary and they just accidently finding your car key and the car gone by the way.

Use simple steering wheel bar or some other mechanical solution – they have no time to deal with it.

Some companies offering ghost alarm which will stop many attempts as well.

If you purchased the car with only one key please be aware there is another working key in the system which operate on the car. Most car makes giving possibilities to disable the key which is not in our possessions.

The same situation when key is lost or stolen, please find assist immediately.


Let me rank what is the safest car in my opinion.

New Mercedes cars after 2015 – there is no theft device or no any locksmith can copy or make key for it. Very well design security system. Only way to grab this car is by transmitting the key signal or steal key.

Audi, VW family cars after 2014 – with new immo system no one can make key apart form main dealer. Same like Mercedes, get the signal or key.

BMW G series no device and no one is able to make a key for it – apart from main dealer.

Any car with mechanical turn ignition blade is well protected. It needs some skills and time to create the shape of the blade. Those people have a lack of both of them. In this case still good idea to have additional protection fitted just in case your key was stolen.

As you can see there is no perfect protected car out there. We always must do something to help our self as the things change quickly and not possible today is very easy tomorrow.