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Toyota Keyless Keys

in London

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Please don't ignore to make the spare key for Toyota cars. Lost keys for some models will cost you £2000-£4000 as ONLY dealer can make it with replacing very expensive electronic modules.
We can help you with the spare key for most models and covering 80% for keys lost.
Dealer will never send the working key or come to you to make a key programming. The only way is to tow the car to them and agree to pay anything they ask for.
Magic locksmith does not exist as well unfortunately for now:(
Ready to book the spare now? 

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toyota key replacement
Toyota key cutting
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Toyota Auris

Toyota cars supported for the key replacement:


Remote system ( blade keys):


We covering only cars with one working key. Keys lost are not supported by normal manual key.

Keyless system: 


Models 2005 - 2021 Most of them all keys lost supported by Carprogrammer. Please note the technician have to be by the car and also valid car logbook is essential.

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Toyota Keys Replacement

We having good experience making Toyota cars keys replacement weather all your keys has been lost or just having some concerns to have a spare one. Our key duplication crew is always 100 % ready waiting to assist you with all your queries. We are covering all types of car keys throughout West London and Surrey area. Don't wait until you find yourself in an emergency. Make a spare set of keys that will keep you on the safe side in the event of losing or misplacing your original set of keys. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to reprogram the new key so that it can work with your vehicle's immobilizer. If you fear that your keys have been stolen, then we will even re-code your vehicle's immobilizer and make a new key and disabling missing one for your wish. This way, Carprogrammer will allow the stolen key will be rendered useless hence you will have no reason to be worried about someone coming for your car.

Toyota models:

  • ​Auris

  • Avensis

  • Aygo

  • Celica

  • Corolla

  • Hilux

  • Land Cruiser

  • ​MR2

  • Previa

  • Prius

  • Rav4

  • Verso

  • Yaris

  • IQ

Toyota key replacement

I’ve lost one of my car keys

Lost your car one key? Don’t panic. Although losing your car key is always inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world – and your Toyota dealer can certainly help. Read on for our advice on what to do if your car keys go walkabout. Replacing car keys was usually only possible through official dealerships, which are pricey and often take a long time to deal with the issue and send out any replacements from their manufacturers. We can carry out the same service, on the day that you call, at your location!

I’ve lost all of my car keys

That can be tricky . If you don’t have any of your car keys and your car has remote locking or other similar features, it will likely have a code that will need to be reprogrammed. It’s also possible that your car will need a new ECU. Toyota has to comply with legal standards when supplying security products, so each process must be carried out by the book.

Due to the security technology within a key and the work involved in getting a new set of car keys, losing all your keys can be expensive. This varies by model but will usually be several hundred pounds or even more. It will also usually take one or two days for the keys to be ordered, cut and programmed.

If you cannot move your car you may need to arrange for it to be recovered to your dealer. And if you do not live within close proximity of a Toyota center, many police forces recommend contacting a locksmith companies.

I’ve locked my keys in the car

We’re so proud of our technicians that we’re not afraid to boast a little bit: they’re the best in the business. We know because we trained them! Carprogrammer car locksmiths also use the latest equipment, which is sophisticated enough to help you gain entry to your car without damaging it at all.Once you lose your key or it's stolen, we can replace it with the benefit of our massive database of existing cuts and information. We can cut unique keys using this existing data and program them digitally to your vehicle. We can enter your car's immobiliser system and delete any old key data for keys that are lost or stolen. This guarantees your car's safety from those who may possess your old key. Locking the keys in a car is a rarer problem than a few years ago, as smart entry or keys with transponders make it much harder to do. However, if you do manage to lock your keys in the car you should call carprogrammer or your breakdown provider.

Toyota key programming

Transponders are your beepers, zappers or fobs, or any other name you might call them! They match the key's code to your car's code, enabling the ignition to be turned on and the car to be driven. We can edit data in these keys using our new-gen technology. This means we can add new keys to your car's immobiliser system at the roadside and alter it to accept your new cut.

Lost or broken keys replacement

You can get same-day replacement car keys by calling Carprogrammer so you don’t need to worry about getting a taxi to get a Toyta car key.  In fact, you can expect an expert car locksmith at your side in as little as 30 minutes, ready to make you a new key on the spot.

We’ve helped thousands of car owners replace damaged or misplaced keys. Some of our customers simply want the peace of mind of having an extra spare key for emergencies. Rather than calling the main car dealers they call us.

We can bring our equipment straight to you and repair or replace your Toyota car key right then and there. Whereas ordering a replacement key from a dealer can be expensive and take a while to get to you, a replacement key from us can be made in less than a day and will cost you less.

Toyota immobilser keys

Modern car keys integrate a concealed transponder chip that is used to deactivate the cars onboard immobiliser. This means all car key will need programming directly to the vehicle. Immobilisers have been around for years and were first made mandatory in 1995. As part of an EU law all cars produced in Europe must now be factory fitted with an immobiliser system. This is designed to increase car security and reduce the number of car thefts.

You may well remember the first Toyota types of immobilizers that were fitted as an aftermarket security benefit. These immobiliser systems worked with a small key fob that would need to be pressed against a point in the car to allow the engine to start. Modern immobiliser systems have taken this further by concealing a chip in the head of the car key which is read when the key is inserted or turned in the ignition. Each vehicle manufacturer works with different technology companies to develop effective immobiliser solutions. The main players in the automotive immobiliser industry are Siemens and Valeo. Whilst there are dozens of immobiliser systems that operate in very different ways, the result and experience for the user is exactly the same. Immobilisers work seamlessly without requiring any action from the user other than turning the key to start the car.

Smart remote or Keyless entry

If you have lost all  of your Toyota keyless remotes, there is no need to order a replacement key through your main dealer, we supply a full service. If you have already ordered a key from a main dealer before finding out about The Carprogramer we will still be glad to help. As car keys and immobiliser systems work in a variety of ways, some much more complicated that others, it’s difficult to provide a “one price fits all” figure. Some Toyota keys can be programmed in five minutes, whilst others will need considerably more work and could take 45 minutes to code into the car.

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