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Suzuki Keys Replacement

Kingston upon Thames


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Kingston upon Thames

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Suzuki Keys Programming

Vehicle  key issue would have to be dealt with by your official dealership. Firstly there's the question of getting your car to one, and secondly, there's the enormous cost of Suzuki keys and the wait of getting your problem solved and any new keys delivered. Now, we can avoid any of that stress, cost and hassle by providing a full auto locksmith service at the road-side. We can circumvent the cost of new locks by using up-to-date extraction and repair techniques, cut and program new keys and transponders and provide replacement and duplicate keys that can be tested in front of you.

Here's an outline of our services.

Lost or broken Suzuki keys

You don’t need to worry about getting a taxi to get a Suzuki car key. We can bring our equipment straight to you and repair or replace your Suzuki car key right then and there. Whereas ordering a replacement key from a dealer can be expensive and take a while to get to you, a replacement key from us can be made in less than a day and will cost you less.

Suzuki keys duplication

Key fobs or transponders are vital gadgets for car security. While this is a brilliant technology that has likely prevented a lot of cars being stolen, it has become more difficult to replace car keys because in order to work they need to be programmed specifically to your car. This is why you should never purchase keys from unlicensed or second hand sellers. The keys they sell you will not be programmed to your car and so have a high probability of not working. You could either buy your replacement keys from on official Suzuki dealer, which may be expensive and inconvenient, or you could buy your replacement Suzuki car keys from Carprogrammer Auto Locksmith. Our experts can easily programme newly made keys or reprogram your keys if they desynchronise.

Emergency Openning

Replacing car keys isn't as simple as replacing house keys. You need to match transponder data between your key and your car. These electronic gadgets make replacements hard to get hold of. Before services like our own, the only option for gaining replacement car keys would be through your car's official dealership. You'd normally have to apply for a new key and it'd take a week or more to arrive. That's no good if you need a key quickly, perhaps for family members or to replace lost spares. We can cut replacement keys at your location, using mobile technology. The differences are massive – it's quicker, cheaper and easier and we can demonstrate that your key works there and then. Ordinary workshops aren't always trained locksmiths and often aren't equipped with the necessary technology to deal with car lock and key issues. Often, replacement lock systems are offered that cost large amounts, when the issues themselves are easy to solve with the right knowledge and technologies.This is why a specialist car locksmith service such as ourselves are invariably the best option for car lock issues.Here are some outlines of our services:

Lost Keys

Losing any key is a hassle, but don't panic if you do lose your car key or are unfortunate enough to have it stolen. Even if you don't have a key to cut a replacement from, we can access our existing databases and generate new, unique keys for your car that can be cut and programmed at your location. We can access your car's immobiliser system in order to edit or delete old keys for lost or stolen keys. This means that anyone who comes into possession of your old key can't access your car. We can perform these tasks at the roadside and test newly generated and cut keys in front of you.

What do I do if I lost my Suzuki keys?

Give us a quick call if you find your Suzuki car key’s broken or lost will save you money, time and a lot of unnecessary stress. Instead of paying for a tow and taking a taxi to your Suzuki dealer, you can call us and we’ll send out an emergency team to help. Our technicians and locksmiths are all highly trained professionals, capable of providing a range of services. They are highly knowledgeable and understand all of the intricacies of Suzuki technology and design and of all of the models.

What do I do if I lock out my key

Our technician will come around and will get your key out non invasion method. We will open the car in less then 10 minutes. Keys aren't generally easy to break but it can happen. Sometimes they snap in the lock or the locks themselves become jammed. Extracting old keys is a job for a locksmith and our technicians cover the task, guaranteeing that they'll use non-destructive techniques if they can, to minimize or eliminate any damage to your door lock. Compared to mechanics, who often opt to replace the lock, this is cheaper and more effective. Often we can rebuild parts of broken locks without replacing the entire thing, too.

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