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Land Rover Keys Replacement

Smart Remote Key

Land rover sport key replacement

Land Rover
Range Voque 
2009 - 2012

freelander spare key replacement

Land Rover Freelander 
2007 - 2012

land rover voque key replacement

Land Rover Discovery
Range Rover Sport
2004 - 2009

defender discovery key replacement

Defender Discovery Freelander

Range rover key replacement in UK
land rover evoque key replacement

Range Rover 
Land Rover Evoque
2012- 2019

Defender 2016.png
land rover Velar key replacement

Land Range Rover Sport
2018 - 2021

Range Rover 
L322 (2006 - 2012) 
L405 (2012+)
Range Rover Sport
L320 (2006 - 2013) 
L494 (2014+)
L358 (2011+)
Discovery L319 L462 
Discovery Sport L550

Land Rover

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0208 2266 332

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Hollybush Rd


Kingston upon Thames

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 7pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Keys and remote controls

Caution: Remove all Smart Keys from the vehicle when it is left unattended. This will
ensure the vehicle is left in a secure condition. If a Smart Key is lost, a replacement can be obtained and programmed to the vehicle by your auto locksmith. Notify your car locksmith as soon as a Smart Key is lost or stolen and have the remaining Smart Key(s) reprogrammed. The security system and entry to the vehicle are controlled by the Smart Key. All doors and the luggage compartment can be locked and unlocked using the remote control buttons. The Smart Key also allows the vehicle to bestarted without the use of starter key. Two handsets, incorporating an emergency key blade, are supplied. The emergency key blade number is recorded on an attached label. Peel off the label and attach it to the designated area on the Security Card, supplied in the literature pack. Keep the Security Card safe, but not in the vehicle

Keys and remote controls








The emergency alarm will also be cancelled if the Smart Key is held close to the instrument panel and the START/STOP button is pressed or if the vehicle detects a valid Smart Key when the START/STOP button is pressed.

Luggage compartment

Press to unlock, disarm and open the luggage compartment. The vehicle security system will remain active, but for the period the luggage compartment is open, the intrusion and inclination sensing systems will be inhibited. Door and bonnet security will remain active. When the luggage compartment is subsequently closed, the hazard warning lamps will flash once to confirm that the vehicle has rearmed the full alarm system (if
previously armed)

Approach lamps

Press to switch on the approach illumination. The headlamps will illuminate for a minimum of 30
seconds. Pressing the button again or operating the Engine START/STOP button, will turn the approach lamps off. Note: In some markets a second press of the button will turn on the headlamps and reversing lamps. A third press will be required to turn the lamps off

Panic button

Press and hold for three seconds, or press three times within three seconds, to activate the emergency
alarm. The horn, siren and the hazard lamps will operate. Once active for more than five seconds, the alarm can be cancelled by pressing the button and holding for three seconds, or pressing three times within three seconds.


Your vehicle can be unlocked using either Single or Multi-point entry. Single-point entry is a security feature that unlocks only the driver's door when the unlock button is pressed. To change from Single to Multi-point entry (or vice versa), press both the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to confirm the change. This change can also be made via the instrument panel menu.


The vehicle will only lock, if all door, luggage compartment and bonnet apertures are closed. If a lock attempt is made when an aperture is open, the vehicle will not lock and two audible error warnings will sound. Press the lock button to secure the vehicle. The vehicle can be Single or Double locked, as follows:
Single locking

Press the lock button briefly. Single locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors being opened from outside of the vehicle. The doors can be unlocked and opened from inside the vehicle. The hazard warning lamps will flash once as confirmation

Never double lock the vehicle with people, children, or pets inside. In the event of an emergency they would be unable to escape, and the emergency services would be unable to release them quickly.


Press the lock button twice within three seconds. Double locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors being unlocked or opened from inside or outside of the vehicle, except with the correct Smart Key. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice (with a long second flash) and in some markets an audible warning will also sound as confirmation (if enabled).

Single-point entry
First press: Unlocks the driver's door, fuel filler door and enables the other doors to be opened from the inside (unless the child safety locks have been activated on the rear doors). The hazard warning lamps will flash twice, to indicate that the vehicle is unlocked and the alarm has been disarmed. The interior lamps will illuminate to assist entry to the vehicle. Note: In some markets, an audible warning will sound.

Second press: Unlocks the passenger doors and the luggage compartment.

Multi-point entry
Press briefly to unlock all the doors and luggage compartment and to disarm the alarm. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to indicate that the vehicle is unlocked and the alarm has been disarmed. The interior lamps
will illuminate to assist entry to the vehicle.
Note: In some markets, an audible warning will


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