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Renault Keys Replacement



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renault key card replace

Renault 4 button 

renault kadjar spare key

Renault Kadjar

renault laguna handsfree card

Renault Laguna 

Renault trafic key replacement

Renault Trafic

renault scenic key card replacement

Renault Scenic

KANGO key replacement

Renault Kango

renault laguna key card

Renault Espace

renault logan key replacement

Renault Logan

renault clio key remote

Renault Clio

scale key replacement

Renault Scale

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Renault Key Card Replacement

Most people think that if they need their car key replacing that they need to go direct to their manufacturer but this isn’t the case. We have a full stock of all makes and models of key fob and can replace your car keys very quickly. Dealerships can be very expensive and you will need to go to them which can be difficult if you don’t have a car! Our mobile service can resolve your issue on the spot, without even having to wait for fob codes from the manufacturer.

Supported car models

  • Captur
  • Clio III
  • Clio IV
  • Espace IV
  • Fluence
  • Grand Espace IV
  • Grand Scenic II
  • Grand Scenic III
  • Koleos
  • Laguna II
  • Laguna III
  • Megane II
  • Megane III
  • Safrane
  • Scenic
  • Trafic
  • Symbol II
  • Vel-Satis

Renault locksmith london

Emergency Opening when lock out

We’ve all been there. You’re busy juggling lots of priorities at work or at home (or both) and suddenly you realise that you’ve closed the car door, the cars locked and you don’t have the keys. If you are in that position right now do not worry. Follow our steps below and you’ll soon be moving on with your day dealing with much more important issues:

Renault key duplication

If you have lost the transponder chip from your car key or your key has developed a fault we can supply a new chip and reprogram the key. Some Renault keys contain a transponder chip underneath the remote control fob. The chip can easily fall out when replacing the battery in these type of keys. We are specialists at reprogramming Vauxhall keys and can help get you back on the road with zero hassle.

Please note we do not offer a vehicle diagnostic / fault code service. If your key has not been damaged and your car is not starting the fault is likely to be with the vehicles immobiliser system. We offer car key programming, not vehicle immobiliser repair.

Car keys programming

Lost your Reno car keys and recently ordered a replacement from a main dealer the key will need programming to your vehicle. The main dealers will need you to recover your car to their workshop. We have a much better solution, we come to you! our mobile key coding service saves you time and cash over alternative options. We aim to make the process of car key programming as hassle free and convenient as possible.

We have several mobile car locksmith technicians that provide key coding to the whole of London and nearby home counties. If you need car key programming in London call CarProgrammer

Renault auto locksmith

Automotive Locksmith Services provide car key replacement and car key cutting services whether you have lost or stolen your keys. Our car and van locksmiths are well trained and qualified in using the latest vehicle locksmith equipment. Our vehicles key replacement services and vehicle key cutting services are quick and efficient to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our replacement car key service in Surrey are fast, friendly and polite and offer extensive car key programming as well as key replacements. Our car and van locksmith services are often used by local authorities, emergency services and many other motoring organisations. However our services are important to people who have had their car key stolen or mistakenly lost their car keys. Our trained vehicle locksmiths are at hand and are supplied with a range of tools and every type of key blank possible.

When it comes to replacing car keys, key-cutting and transponder-coding machinery is on board with our locksmiths to complete the job there and then. So if you have lost your keys? Or your car keys have been stolen? Then call the replacement car key specialists

Remote Card Replacement

Replacing car keys isn't as simple as replacing house keys. You need to match transponder data between your key and your car. These electronic gadgets make replacements hard to get hold of. Before services like our own, the only option for gaining replacement car keys would be through your car's official dealership. You'd normally have to apply for a new key and it'd take a week or more to arrive. That's no good if you need a key quickly, perhaps for family members or to replace lost spares. We can cut replacement keys at your location, using mobile technology. The differences are massive – it's quicker, cheaper and easier and we can demonstrate that your key works there and then. Ordinary workshops aren't always trained locksmiths and often aren't equipped with the necessary technology to deal with car lock and key issues. Often, replacement lock systems are offered that cost large amounts, when the issues themselves are easy to solve with the right knowledge and technologies.This is why a specialist car locksmith service such as ourselves are invariably the best option for car lock issues.Here are some outlines of our services:

Central locking system

The transmitter key consists of an electronic key and a mechanical Actuate "Lock" transmitter button (1):
key. The electronic key contains an FM radio transmitter, an Press once (locking CL globally)
infrared transmitter/receiver, a computer chip and car key replacement button Press and hold down while pointing at IR receiver
as well as two button cells.The mechanical key  can be (convenience closing)
unlocked and removed with the unlock slider 

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