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Fiat 500 keys programming
FIAT Viaggio Ottimo key replacement
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fiat 500 keyless
fiat auto locksmith
fiat tipo key replacement

Fiat Keys Replacement

Fiat key duplication

Vehicle  key issue would have to be dealt with by your official dealership. Firstly there's the question of getting your car to one, and secondly, there's the enormous cost of Fiat keys and the wait of getting your problem solved and any new keys delivered. Now, we can avoid any of that stress, cost and hassle by providing a full auto locksmith service at the road-side. We can circumvent the cost of new locks by using up-to-date extraction and repair techniques, cut and program new keys and transponders and provide replacement and duplicate keys that can be tested in front of you.

Here's an outline of our services.

If you Lose all keys then is a big problem, but don't panic if you do lose your car key or are unfortunate enough to have it stolen. Even if you don't have a key to cut a replacement from, we can access our existing databases and generate new, unique keys for your car that can be cut and programmed at your location. We can access your car's immobiliser system in order to edit or delete old keys for lost or stolen keys. This means that anyone who comes into possession of your old key can't access your car. We can perform these tasks at the roadside and test newly generated and cut keys in front of you.

Keys and Remotes Warning 

Caution: Remove all Smart Keys from the vehicle when it is left unattended. This will ensure the vehicle is left in a secure condition. If a Smart Key is lost, a replacement can be obtained and programmed to the vehicle by your auto locksmith. Notify your locksmith as soon as a Smart Key is lost or stolen and have the remaining Smart Key(s) reprogrammed. The security system and entry to the vehicle are controlled by the Smart Key. All doors and the luggage compartment can be locked and unlocked using the remote control buttons. The Smart Key also allows the vehicle to be started without the use of starter key. Two handsets, incorporating an emergency key blade, are supplied. The emergency key blade number is recorded on an attached label. Peel off the label and attach it to the designated area on the Security Card, supplied in the literature pack. Keep the Security Card safe, but not in the vehicle.

You don’t need to worry about getting a taxi to get a Fiat car key. We can bring our equipment straight to you and repair or replace your Fiat car key right then and there. Whereas ordering a replacement key from a dealer can be expensive and take a while to get to you, a replacement key from us can be made in less than a day and will cost you less.


How Can A Locksmith Help With Your Emergency Lockout?

A trained locksmith such as Star Locks can arrive at your location, anywhere in the Baltimore area. The locksmith will be able to offer you professional advise and can get you back inside of wherever you’re locked out of in the least disruptive way possible, at any time of the day or night.

When Should You Call A Locksmith?

If you’ve found yourself unable to get inside of your home, business, car, or anything else for that matter- you may want to consider calling a locksmith for assistance. Otherwise, your lockout situation may cause even more unnecessary stress and hassle than it already has.

What Should You Expect From A Professional Locksmith?

You should expect a quick, professional service from your local locksmith. Your locksmith should arrive fully equipped with all the tools needed to fix your lockout situation. Furthermore, if you are facing a lockout, your locksmith should understand the stress such a situation can cause, and offer you helpful tips and advice on how to prevent this situation from happening again.

What If my Lockout Occurs During The Night?

This very much depends on the locksmith company. Star Locks operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so this needn’t be a problem! The reason behind this? We understand that a lockout does not take into consideration the time of the day or night. It’s important to have a locksmith that can get out to your location during your lockout crisis.

Can You Cut A New Key For Me As Well As Getting Me Back Inside?

Absolutely! Due to our professionalism and experience, we will arrive at your location fully equipped with all of the tools we need to not only have back inside again, but also cut you a new key, should you so require. Star Locks can complete the job from start to finish, whether it’s day or night. 

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