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MG Car Keys Replacement in Surry And London

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MG Car Keys Replacement
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Read this before contact

  • Double check the phone number or email is correct - otherwise we will be unable to contact you back.

  • Check spam folder, usually we response in 1h for everyone.

  • Please don't ignore to provide your approx. location and key situation - to avoid too many emails

  • We have only one branch which is in Kingston upon Thames in UK. 

  • That is impossible to post the key to you, based on the vin number - unless we have done key for you in the past

  • We can travel only up to 20 miles max and for extra charge, be aware that you need to bring your car to address below.

Contact Us

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0208 2266 332

0782 8081 596

Hollybush Rd


Kingston upon Thames

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 7pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Sunday: Closed


MG Car Keys Keys Replacements and Duplication Service

When an automobile key broke in the past, you had to go to the official dealership, which was inconvenient, expensive, and required long waits. But the car industry has changed in the modern day, and our auto locksmith service is leading this change. We've expedited the procedure and are now able to provide a complete repair at the roadside, removing the worry, cost, and inconvenience that come with auto key issues.

We provide a variety of services that are designed to tackle different obstacles and get you back on the road as soon as possible:

Car Keys Replacement

Gone are the days when only official dealerships could perform the intricate and time-consuming process of replacing automobile keys. We provide same-day auto locksmith services at your location, bringing the answer to you. Our knowledgeable experts cut and program new keys and transponders using the most recent extraction and repair methods. This guarantees that your key-related problems will be resolved quickly and without requiring pricey new locks.

Broken Keys

Broken keys are an extremely rare incident that can have disastrous results, particularly if you are stranded far from a dealership or in the middle of the night. Our round-the-clock auto locksmiths are prepared to deal with such situations effectively. Our expertise lies in quickly unjamming locks, removing keys without causing more harm, and giving you instant access to your car.

Lost Car Keys

While it is certainly frustrating to lose or have your car key stolen, our auto locksmith service has you covered. We can create fresh, distinct keys for your car using databases, even if you don't have an extra key. We can also change or remove outdated keys from your car's immobilizer system, which will increase security and guarantee that your automobile won't be compromised by misplaced or stolen keys.

Programming Transponders

Transponders and key fobs are essential to contemporary auto security. Our auto locksmiths have the knowledge and cutting-edge equipment needed to identify, modify, or fix these complex parts. We can effectively change your key database and take care of any transponder issues on the roadside by getting access to the computer system of your car.

Auto Locksmith is committed to offering the best automobile locksmith services possible to people in London and the surrounding areas. Our staff of knowledgeable auto locksmiths prioritizes your security and guarantees that no automotive locksmith issue is left unattended. They also have spotless records.

We offer a wide range of auto locksmith services, including replacement car keys, lock repairs, and key cutting. We promise to provide the best possible service, so there's no need to be disappointed. Our Surrey mobile auto locksmiths provide quick response times—typically within 30 minutes of your call—and cover all of London and the surrounding areas. Our services, which are available around-the-clock, ensure that you never have to leave your car stuck because of a locksmith issue. We also offer prompt, custom solutions. When you need Car Key Replacement or other automotive locksmith services, trust Auto Locksmith for prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced services.

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