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Security Tips From Automotive Locksmith in London

Hints and security tips From Auto Locksmith 

As a car locksmith for cars based in London, I've witnessed numerous car theft incidents, especially in our area, with popular car brands like Audi, BMW, and JLR being targeted.

Thieves often use signal transmitters to gain access to keyless entry cars, tricking the vehicle into thinking the key is nearby and disarming the alarm system. Please note this is only related to cars with comfort functions which are called: convenience opening, keyless entry, passive entry or hands-free system. Cars with normal remote systems are not affected. Simply remember to use the Faraday pouch every day.

For example, the JLR family cars are very popular in the area, and there are many thieves who use signal transmitters. This way only affects keyless cars.


If you open a properly locked car – without using an ori remote – from this point there will be very loud noise which only the working key can calm down. Another issue, when the alarm is activated, it is impossible to communicate with the car via the OBD port. Hence, the car becomes useless for anyone who trying to make keys.

However, even these cars can be at risk when unwanted individuals observe and copy car remotes or disrupt signals, leaving your car vulnerable and disarmed. They can then use key emulators to start your car in a matter of seconds, making it difficult to detect any unusual activity.


To protect your car and prevent theft, here are some easy tips:


Safeguard the OBD port: This is the main entry point for making a car key. By protecting or hiding it, you can thwart potential thieves' plans.


Secure your car keys: Keep your car keys safe and well-protected at home or in your handbag. Many car thefts occur after house burglaries, where the thieves accidentally find the car keys and make their move.


Use mechanical deterrents: Employ a simple steering wheel bar or other mechanical solutions that add an extra layer of difficulty for thieves. This deters them from targeting your car.


Consider ghost alarms: Invest in ghost alarms that can deter many attempted thefts, adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle.


Disable unused keys: If you bought your car with only one key, be aware that there might be another working key programmed into the system. Disable any keys not in your possession to prevent unauthorised access.


Act immediately if a key is lost or stolen: If you lose your key or suspect it has been stolen, seek assistance immediately to disable it and prevent potential theft.


Car Security Rankings - Safest Cars in My Opinion:


New Mercedes cars after 2015: Equipped with robust security systems, they are nearly impossible to copy or make keys for, except through the main dealer. Transmitting the key signal or stealing the key are the primary methods of theft for these cars.


Audi, and VW family cars after 2014: These models feature advanced immo systems that make it challenging for anyone other than the main dealer to create a key. Thieves typically rely on key signal transmission or key theft.


BMW G series: With no available devices for key duplication, the main dealer is the only option for creating a key. Thieves often resort to key signal transmission or key theft.


Cars with mechanical turn ignition blades: These vehicles offer good protection, as it takes time and skill to create a duplicate key. However, it's still wise to consider additional security measures if your key is stolen.


While there is no perfectly protected car, being proactive and taking preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of car theft. As technology and tactics evolve, it's crucial to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard your vehicle. If you have been searching for a "reliable "locksmith for cars near me", our auto locksmith in Surrey covers almost the entire London and can assist with car key programming, car keys replacement, and key-cutting services.

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