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Can only echo what everyone else has already said. Great professional service, quick and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend.

Jerry is a very professional lock smith who came all the way to our place to make a new car key for us. He was in time and did his job well and that too at a reasonable price. Me and my husband are very happy with his services. Highly recommended person.

Amazing Service. No time wasting. Time on point!!! Got into a locked car, opened it, gave me BRAND NEW CAR KEY!! What else do you want??? Call him quick!!! Affordable price!!!

Mercedes Key Locksmith

Electronic Ignition Switch

The drive authorization system uses the position determination to determine exactly where the transmitter key is located. Start enable is granted only if the transmitter key duplication is located in the vehicle interior. Start enable must not be granted if the transmitter key is located outside the vehicle. This prevents children in the vehicle from setting the vehicle inmotion when the driver has left the vehicle (with the transmitter key).

Mercedes Keyless Go Programming

The position search for the transmitter key is  activated when the following actions are performed:

  • Open door

  • Open trunk lid or liftgate

  • Lock or unlock vehicle via central locking system

If the transmitter key is not located near the vehicle, it remains locked, for example. Multiple antennae located at the side, front, and back of the vehicle transmit radio signals. The transmitter key receives the signals from the antenna located near it. This antenna and the transmitter key then exchange encrypted data. The position of the transmitter key is verified by evaluating the signal levels of the radio signals and can thus be determined accurately.

Central locking system

The transmitter key consists of an electronic key and a mechanical Actuate "Lock" transmitter button (1):
key. The electronic key contains an FM radio transmitter, an Press once (locking CL globally)
infrared transmitter/receiver, a computer chip and car key replacement button Press and hold down while pointing at IR receiver
as well as two button cells.The mechanical key  can be (convenience closing)
unlocked and removed with the unlock slider 

Drive authorization - alarm

An alarm is not triggered on vehicles with anti-theft alarm system. When the transmitter key is inserted into the EIS control module. Supplied with power via an induction coil. Data is exchanged via theinfrared transmission and receiving unit for the purpose of verifying. drive authorization. The signals for convenience actuation are only transmitted via
infrared, not via radio.

Emergency key openning

The emergency key is a basic mechanical spare key that is inserted into the housing of the remote-control unit. The emergency key does not include transponder functionality for the EIS electronic Ignition switch.

The emergency key can only be used to unlock and lock the door locks manually in the event that the central locking system fails, etc. It can be used to unlock and lock the lock barrels on doors and tailgate as well as the lockable storage compartment.

Panic alarm Keyless Go

With radio remote control with panic switch, code 763 Communication with the vehicle via inductive signals and radio
When the "Panic alarm" transmitter button (6) is pressed for approx. signals. Determine request location in relation to vehicle 2 s the panic alarm is started, the panic alarm is interrupted when the transmitter button (6) is reactuated or when the transmitter key is inserted in the key opening on the EIS control module.

Remote Smart key

An "electronic key" is integrated in the transmitter key. This key includes an FM radio transmitter, an infrared transmitter/receiver unit, a computer chip as well as 2 batteries (button cells). Moreover, the following controls and control indicators are integrated: Lock transmit button (1) Unlock transmit button (2) Trunk lid/tailgate remote door unlocking transmit button (3) with code  EASY-PACK tailgate. Battery indicator lamp (4) Panic alarm (6) transmitter button. Radio remote control with panic switch.

Unlocking central locking 

Actuate "Unlocking" (2) transmitter button Hold "Lock" button (1) and "Unlock" button (2) simultaneously
Pressing once when set to "Selective" (driver door and fuel for approx. 5 s until the "Battery control" LED (4) flashes twice.
filler flap are unlocked)
Press once when set to "global" (unlocks all) Panic alarm - auto locksmith
Press twice when set to "selective" (unlocks all) With radio remote control with panic switch.
Press and hold down while pointing at IR receiver Actuate "Panic alarm" (6) transmitter button:
(convenience closing) Press approx. 2 s (trigger panic alarm)

Unlocking and selective unlocking of the driver's door 

If the vehicle locks are engaged, pressing the release button will disengage them provided that the CAS has not been encoded for selective unlocking. The power module activates the interior light. 

If selective unlocking has been encoded, the first time the button is pressed only the driver's door is unlocked. Pressing the button a second time unlocks the entire vehicle.  The auto locksmith  will  activate by replacement time the button is pressed.

Depending on the programmed code, it may also be possible to open the windows and the slide/tilt sunroof by pressing the button.

Mercedes keys duplication

The trunk lid/tailgate control is an automated function and thus only, possible in the normalized movement.
Tailgate control must be normalized after the replacement of a component or adjustment work to the trunk lid or tailgate.
Normalizing can be performed automatically and manually. In both cases, the process must be started using the diagnostic tester.

Open trunk lid/tailgate

The trunk lid/tailgate lock is unlocked via an actuator motor.  If the key is faulty our technician can open yor car in less then 5 minutes. The trunk lid or tailgate is then opened until the upper limit point or opening angle.
limiter is detected, The position of the trunk lid or tailgate is detected by a Hall sensor. If no signals are received by the Hall sensor, the movement of the trunk.
lid or tailgate is stopped. The trunk lid or tailgate can be moved by hand by exerting a slightly increased force.

Close trunk lid/tailgate

The trunk lid or tailgate is closed until the first attend  in the trunk lid/tailgate lock is reached. The trunk lid or tailgate is further closed via a lock element (power closing). Once the main attend in the trunk lid/
tailgate lock is reached, the closing process is ended.

Opening angle limitation

The opening angle limiter serves for the specification of an end position of the trunk lid or tailgate (garage position or max. opening).
Damage due to protruding goods (roof box, surfboard etc.) or a too low ceiling height is thus prevented.

Safety smart key emergency functions

Vehicles with remote trunk closing

The garage position is a specified intermediate position (approx. 50 % of opening width) that is activated/deactivated or can be defined as a new end position via the multimedia system.

Vehicles with EASY-PACK tailgate 

First open lift-gate to desired position to activate the opening angle, limitation function. This can be accomplished manually or automatically via the lift-gate control.
Once the tailgate has been manually opened to the desired position, the tailgate control button on the tailgate must be pressed for approx 2s. If the tailgate was automatically opened, Mercedes key replacement the tailgate control button must be pressed once briefly once the tailgate is in the desired position. The litigate remains in this position. A stopped drive is required for activation of the opening angle limitation function. The tailgate control button is then pressed for approx. 2s. The successful storage of the value for the opening angle limiter is confirmed by the output of a warning tone. When the lift-gate is opened, it is only opened to this stored position. The opening of the tailgate can be limited to max. 20 cm before the upper end position.

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Do we offer car key programming?

Most vehicles sold after 1995 have improved security systems that make use of an immobiliser and key with a transponder chip. If providing you with a transponder key replacement, we can reprogram your engine’s immobiliser to work in sync with your new key.

Do we provide new key to customer?

We are providing extra key in the lost key situation or if customer requested just the spare key. We need to check first all car details in order to choose right remote 

Do we use customer own key purchased already?

Regards company policy we unable to program customers provided key already.  The key can be incorrect and make unexpected problems affecting  other keys and also impossible to claim any warranty in this case. Selecting right key  we need to know all car details before make any booking

Can we open car when no keys present?

Our technician will open the car without making any damage on the car site. It usually takes couple of minutes. Also able to provide fully working metal blade to open car while battery completely flat. 

Can we repair mercedes keys?

If your Mercedes key has cracked or chipped, has stopped operating or is just too worn, you may need it to be repaired, rather than replaced. Our Mercedes auto locksmiths can repair Mercedes keys on on-site with the same day service available.

Can locksmith replace mercedes key while immobilizer is locked? 

Yes, specialist auto locksmiths can program Mercedes key. You’re getting a much quicker service using an auto locksmith, and you also save considerably on key replacement costs. Auto locksmiths use reverse engineering processes when creating a new Mercedes key, using dedicated Mercedes specialist key programming equipment. By comparison, Mercedes dealers have to order the keys from the factory, and this takes time to process.

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