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Car locksmith: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Avoid Car Theft

If you’re worried about your car getting stolen and need a good local car locksmith, you’ve come to the right place!


Brits are well-known for their fondness for cars. From classic Minis to modern Land Rovers, they hold a special place in our lives. However, car crime remains an issue, with a worrying increase reported recently. According to the Office for National Statistics, vehicle thefts in England and Wales have seen a 24.9% increase in the past year.


Just imagine the sinking feeling of returning to an empty parking space. Even if the police recover your car, it may be damaged or stripped, leaving you facing a significant financial and emotional burden. Prevention is key, and that’s why you need top-notch key cutting services.


Here at CarProgrammer we have made a guide with some expert tips to avoid car theft in the UK so that you don’t become another number in the national statistics. So, let’s get started, shall we?


7 Expert Tips From Car Locksmith To Avoid Car Theft


Car thefts are a constant worry for drivers. But do not worry! Here are seven valuable tips from an experienced auto locksmith to make your car a less appealing target and deter would-be thieves.


Tip 1 - Install a touch-sensitive car alarm


People have different opinions about how well car alarms work. Often, you might be too far from your car to hear the alarm go off. Since false alarms happen often, folks usually don't pay much attention to them. A strong alarm system that's really loud and blinks lights can usually frighten away anyone trying to steal your car, unless they're very determined.


Consider installing a modern touch-sensitive car alarm. These alarms go off not just when a door is forced open, but also when someone attempts to break a window or tamper with the lock. The unexpected activation can startle a thief and send them packing.


Nowadays, many cars are equipped with built-in immobilisers, (an anti-theft mechanism). These devices stop anyone from starting the car by hot-wiring it, as the engine can only be started if the immobiliser is deactivated, which only happens when the corresponding chip key is nearby. However, these devices don’t trigger an alarm if someone breaks into the car, and burglars have discovered methods to bypass the immobilisers by hacking the car’s computer system.


Tip 2 - Keep doors & windows locked


Always ensure your car is locked, even when you’re inside it. Carjacking is a common form of car theft, so don’t let anyone open the door when you’re stopped at a light. Don’t let a nice neighbourhood lull you into a false sense of security—trouble can find its way there too.


Remember to roll up the windows and lock the doors whenever you leave your car, even in your own driveway. Always roll up your windows completely, even if you're just leaving the car for a quick errand. An open window, no matter how small, creates an opportunity for thieves.


Tip 3 - Never leave your car engine running


As an experienced car locksmith, let us tell you that almost a third of car thefts happen near the owner’s home themselves. Ever forget something when you’re rushing out to work? It happens to all of us. But resist the urge to leave the car running while you dash back inside the house.


Always turn off the engine and lock the car, even if you’re only leaving for a moment. It’s a small step that can significantly reduce the risk of car theft.


Tip 4 - Never conceal a key inside the car


Have you heard of people using magnetic boxes to stash spare car keys in wheel wells or other parts of their car? Let’s be honest - you’re not going to crawl under the car looking for a super secure spot, and any place that’s easy for you to reach is also easy for a thief to find. Moreover, always keep an eye on all your car keys.


If you have a keyless entry system, don't store the key fob next to the front door. Radio waves can sometimes be amplified to unlock the car from outside the house. Invest in a signal-blocking fob pouch for added security.


If a key goes missing and you suspect it’s been stolen, an auto locksmith (like us!) can change the locks and create and provide car key replacement, rendering the stolen key useless.


Tip 5 - Mind your parking spot


Whenever possible, park in well-lit, populated areas with CCTV cameras. Avoid leaving your car in isolated spots or for extended periods on the street overnight. Taking away the advantage of a secluded spot discourages them from attempting theft.


Tip 6 - Never leave valuables or important documents inside the car


Thieves usually seize opportunities. Leaving items like bags, laptops, or phones in plain sight in your car tempts them to break in. Always keep your belongings hidden in the trunk or glove box.


Many people keep their vehicle’s registration documents or service history in the glove box. It seems handy, as anyone pulled over by the police while driving the car can easily access these documents. But think about it—if your car gets stolen, would you want the thief to know where you live? That’s practically inviting them to break into your house.


Tip 7 - Embrace Steering Wheel Locks


A visible steering wheel lock acts as a physical deterrent. These sturdy devices make it nearly impossible to steer the car, causing significant inconvenience and wasting the thief's time.


CarProgrammer - the best locksmith for cars near me!


We’re a top-notch auto locksmith company located in Surrey, serving nearly all of London and Surrey. We understand the hassle of broken or lost car keys, and our outstanding team of car locksmiths is ready to tackle any problem you might encounter.


A car that’s well-kept with a working ignition system is less likely to be hot-wired, a method frequently used by car thieves. Whether your car key is broken or you’ve lost it, our skilled and seasoned car key replacement experts are eager to assist you in resolving the issue.


So, if you need a good locksmith in London call us today!

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